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When deciding to engage in a large project like your Kitchen or Bathroom, it is a daunting task to decide on which material to have that best suits your needs.

The following information is a guide to help you in making your decisions.

Which Worktop, Granite Or Quartz?

Change Of Style Granite & Stone Ltd can offer many different types of Granite & Quartz Worktops.Our samples shown are only a small selection of the vast amount that are available.

Samples of Granites


Samples of Quartz


Finishes Edges & Sinks

(Examples of Edges Profiles)


There are three different finishes available in granite which are;


This is the most popular finish with its high gloss shine. It is the most stain resistant of finishes.


Honed granites have a matt finish to them. Honed granites are more porous so more likely to stain than polished granites.


With Antiqued, the surface is first made raw, after which the pores are closed again using a special technique.

Antiqued gives the granite an undulating raised finish. The result a magnificent authentic granite applicable almost anywhere.

Antiqued has particularly unique decorative qualities and with its beautiful satin finish is well suited in any modern (design) interior.



We offer a full range of profiles, please contact us for details for your individual requirements.

Standard Chamfer, Double Pencil Round, Half Bullnosed, Full Bullnosed and Ogee (See examples above).


Your sink choice will fall into one of the four main sink categories;

1. Inset Sink - This is where only an unpolished cut out is required for the sink to sit on the top of the granite.

2. Under Mounted Sink - An undermounted sink sits underneath the polished cut out in the Worktop. Dependent on the sink this can either be fixed to the granite or sit in a wooden sub frame beneath the granite. There is an option to have either Drainage Grooves or a Recessed Drainer in the Worktop.

3. Belfast/ Butler Sink - For a more traditional look a Belfast/Butler style sink is an option. Drainge Grooves work well with this sink and can be put on either or both sides of the sink.

4. Silestone Integrity One & Duo Sinks - A matching sink to suit a selected range of Silestone colours.


Undermounted sink Belfast/ Butler Sink Silestone Integrity
One & Duo Sinks

Upstands & Splash Backs

Aqua Quartz with High Gloss Units. Upstands & Splash Backs provide an alternative to tiles complementing the Granite Worktop.  Usually 100mm High x 20mm thick, they allow for easy cleaning and give a crisp modern look. 

An Upstand underneath a window stepped up to a granite window cill creates a stunning finished look.

A Splash Back raised higher than the Upstand behind either a hob or sink makes an outstanding centre piece.

Cladding is also popular taking the granite higher up the wall to the underside of cabinets or Cooker Hoods.




To keep your granite looking as good as the day its was fitted, it needs to be properly maintained.

Day to day cleaning requires no more than the use of a mild detergent or paper towel and a soft cloth (Eco-cloth).
Depending on the hardness of your water you may experience a gradual build up of lime scale around the taps and sink. This may appear as a loss of polish but can easily be removed with a green scourer or fine wire wool. From time to time you can enhance the surface by using any brand of household polish and buff with a soft dry cloth.

We treat the granite surface with a proprietary sealer however, anything acidic left on for a prolonged period of time may damage your Worktops. Cooking oil, Beetroot, Lemon Juice, Icing or food dyes and Alcohol may cause staining and you should clean it up immediately .

Be aware that with lighter coloured granites you may experience slight darkening on the granite where water has been allowed to stand but this should fade with time.

Granite should not be damaged by heat but there is a risk of thermal fracture due to changes in sudden temperature. We advise the use of trivets or pot stands.

Granite is very scratch resistant but not scratch proof so the use of a chopping board is advisable when cutting and it also saves blunting your knives!

Stubborn Marks on the granite are easily removed by firstly wiping the area clean with water and then apply Cif or BarKeepers Friend to the area. Rinse with water after cleaning and buff with a soft dry cloth.

Dried on food can be removed by gently scraping the Granite with a piece of wire wool or stanley blade and repeating process above.

Although Granite is very strong it can be susceptable to chipping if anything heavy is dropped on to it.


Requires very little maintenence as its unique production process creates a surface with low porosity, which prevents fluid absorption. Under normal circumstances day to day cleaning using a mild detergent and warm water to wash down the Worktops. Dry , by using a paper towel or a glass eco cloth and then using a dry soft cloth buff your Worktops to a shine.

Quartz has a low porosity it does not need the application of any surface sealents and its naturally highly resistant to surface staining from cooking oils, wine, coffee etc.

Stubborn stains or dried spills should be removed by firstly wiping the area clean with warm water and then apply Cif or Bar Keepers Friend and follow instructions on product. Lastly using a soft dry cloth buff worktops to a shine.

Quartz is extremely resistant to heat and can withstand high temperatures for brief periods of time without damage, however it can be damaged by sudden and extreme temperature changes which shocks the colour.  For this reason we strongly recommend using trivets or pot stands to protect the surface.

Avoid exposing your Quartz worktops to strong chemicals and solvents. Items to avoid include nail polish remover, neat bleach, caustic soda, paint strippers and cleaning solutions that contain trichlorethane , methylene or dimetilchlorine. Also avoid highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven/grill cleaners that have high alkaline/PH levels.  If any of the above come into contact with your Quartz worktops rinse the surface off immediately with plenty of water and clean area affected.

Quartz is extremely scratch & heat resistant but we strongly recommend that you protect the beauty of your Quartz worktops by using chopping boards, whenever using knives and tivets or pot stands when using hot pans.

The above guidelines have been developed with you in mind to ensure that you continue to get maximum enjoyment from your Granite and Quartz Worktops.
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